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Windows 11 Home vs Pro: Which One Should You Upgrade To?

By 02/11/2022November 5th, 2022No Comments

This is because Virtualization Based Security has become a keystone concept in Microsoft’s approach to security. VBS runs Windows on top of a hypervisor, which can then use the same techniques that keep guest operating systems apart to create secure spaces that are isolated from the main OS. Doing that requires hardware-based virtualization features, and enough horsepower that you won’t notice the drag on performance. For the most part there is little to no difference between Windows 11 and Windows 10 using Intel 10th and 11th-gen Core series processors across gaming, application, and storage performance. If you’ve experienced a notable drop in performance since upgrading, it’s well worth checking to see if VBS is enabled and do something about that as we explained in the intro. Windows has always been about helping you work how you want, by offering flexibility of multiple windows and the ability to snap apps side by side.

Windows 10 is often described by Microsoft as being a “service”, as it receives regular “feature updates” that contain new features and other updates and fixes. In April 2017, Microsoft stated that these updates would be released twice a year every March and September in the future. Mainstream builds of Windows 10, until and including 2004, were labeled “YYMM”, with “YY” representing the two-digit year and “MM” representing the month of release.

If you upgrade from an eligible licensed version of Windows, that license is transferred over and activation happens instantly. If you receive a pop-up message stating “Go to Settings to activate Windows” similar to the image below, you will need to manually activate your Microsoft license following the drivers download konica minolta steps outlined below. The next step is to install the KMS client key using the command “slmgr /ipk yourlicensekey”; the license key is the one that corresponds to your Windows edition. Enter the product key and press Next to start activating the Windows. EaseUS Todo Backup Free lets you create backups of your important files or your entire computer through its streamlined interface.

Making Windows 7 Home Premium the Ultimate OS

After doing some digging, I realized why – it’s not meant for the power user, but it could beperfect for new Windows users. Finally, Microsoft has also made a lot of improvements to the built-in apps in Windows 11. Paint, Clock, and Photos see the most changes, with Paint dropping its ribbon interface for a new command bar that can also be found in File Explorer.

  • This is the suggested approach to decouple the build infrastructure from the system version of node.
  • Click on the Start Recording button (or Win + Alt + R) to begin capturing video.
  • Change the Default Save Location for New Apps and New Files by using Storage settings.

A digital license is issued to your computer if you either upgrade to Windows 10 from an eligible device or purchase a genuine copy of either Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro. You need to use this license in order to activate your operating system and remove the watermark. If you want to continue using the operating system in its free version, but want to get rid of the annoying watermark, there’s a way.

Version string will tell you the current version of Internet Information Service. You can also check the installed version through registry editor too. Then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \InetStp\ . Starting with Docker Desktop 4.2.0, the option to turn off the automatic check for updates is available for users on all Docker subscriptions, including Docker Personal and Docker Pro..

How to activate Windows 10 without any software?

Given that Xbox DVR is a default app, which is to say, it is convenient and safe enough, so you may prefer to use it. However, shortcoming is that it comes without rich functions as other dedicated screen recorders for Windows 10 have. Here if you desire use this hidden feature on your PC, you can follow the instruction below. Flashback Express is a at no cost app that can record screen, webcam, and sounds. It neither sets time limit on recording nor stamps watermark on the output videos. If you are running this software on a multi-monitor system, you can either record screens across multiple monitors or limit capturing to a single monitor.

If you find in the future that you want to save to a different folder of a Library, you can expand the folders of the library to select the desired one, such as try this epson driver seen in Figure 6. The save location is used if you simply select the Library when saving, not a particular folder. Additionally, if you drag or copy a file to the Library, it’s directed to the designated save location. You can share files or folders in your OneDrive with anyone by sending them a web link to it. If it’s a Microsoft Office file, then you and others can collaborate on it with the web app versions of Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Anyone with a Microsoft 365 subscription can also use the desktop versions of these Office apps to work together on the file.

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