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Programs Keep Crashing on Windows 10? Try These 4 Solutions

By 31/10/2022November 3rd, 2022No Comments

If your Sims 4 has no sound but your computer still has sound on other games and will work at all other times your in luck because my dad just fixed mine. Next look down in the right hand corner for a icon that represents a speaker Make sure that volume is up. A very common thing that seems to fix the problem is by simply going into the game files and deleting the Config, and Option files. On Windows 11/10, use the “Advanced startup” option. It takes the audio troubleshooter a little while to detect and diagnose the exact problems. Select “Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder services” and right-click to restart them.

  • Press the Windows + A shortcut to open the Action Center and then click on the Manage Audio Device arrow.
  • Getting engaging with it, you can fix problem including internet problem, sound problem, and many others.
  • You’ll also know the problem is with your laptop’s built-in speakers.
  • From there select the option SportsDevil Kodi from the given list.
  • The actual name is reportedly an homage to the Star Trek PADD, a fictional device very similar in appearance to the iPad.
  • Use the Audio Mixer or Timeline panel to determine if an audio track is muted or has low volume, and to increase the volume if necessary.

Users can install SportsDevil on their Kodi streaming device with the help of many different repositories that we will mention in this guide in a later section. But in this hyper-competitive world of online streaming, offering good sports channels is not enough. Sportsdevil is the absolute perfect Kodi add-on for users who want to watch spring events like the FIFA world cup and other such premium tournaments. This add-on does that by making use of high-quality live streams amongst many other things.

Fix: Headphones Detected But No Sound on Windows PC

Open the Sound window and select your audio interface in the Playback and Recording tabs. Next, test it by playing one of our sweet videos. If you don’t hear anything, try relaunching your web browser. This case may occur, for instance, if you connect a USB-capable https://blog.windll.com/fix-no-signal-to-monitor-problems/ audio device to your computer, such as a gaming headset. Your laptop might identify this as the default device when that happens, so you’ll need to alter that setting to get sound back on your computer. It means that your computer speakers are functional; they were just not identified as your preferred output.

Internal Connections

CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) battery keeps BIOS powered on when the PC is unplugged. A normal CMOS battery lasts for 2-10 years. If the CMOS battery is running out of juice, it can lead to power on/off issues. You should also disable irrelevant apps launching at Windows 11 startup. The PC will have more RAM for you to utilize.

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